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JACON - Japanese Animation CONvention
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Yaoi Pj Party Info 
16th-Mar-2009 04:10 pm

The Yaoi PJ Party

Time: Friday Night, 9 PM- 3 AM
Location: Paradise IV (Special Events)

Are you ready for the Endgame? This is it! Our 6th and final year of the wildly popular JACON Yaoi PJ Party! Break out the confetti and get ready to celebrate! We have to go out in style, so we're going to bring back some classic moments, while whipping out some new surprises! Don't miss this last chance to party with our pretty boys while in PJs!

Here's a sample of what we've got planned:

An Endgame celebration, including special performances and all sorts of surprises!

  • In honor of the years before, we're going to show the yaoi favorites we all love, old AND new! It will be a great collection of shows and AMVs...only the best of the best!
  • Our famous pajama-themed Costume Contest returns! Come dressed as your favorite character in PJs, and you may win a prize. This is an informal contest, so there are no strict rules (except that you must be decent, if you catch my drift).
  • The ever-popular raffles and give-aways, featuring some impressive yaoi merchandise! Everything from DVDs and manga, to doujinshi and merchandise! You won't want to miss your chance to win something really cool! Past sponsors for these raffles have included DMP/June, Go! Comi, Be Beautiful/CPM, and Yaoi-Con! The publishers really get into this (they even send us future releases), so don't miss it!
  • T-shirts designed specifically for the event, always a hit with our partygoers! Make sure you visit the super talented Kitsune in the Artist Alley. She's given us YEARS of wonderful art for the party, so pick up some of her art to decorate your walls with!
  • We'll make sure that we have our usual tasty spread- popcorn, sodas, candy, and more- you'll have to go dance at the Masquerade to work it all off!
  • Our always rowdy game section, including party games such as Win, Lose or Draw...yaoi-style!
  • And finally, expect all the unexpected, wacky fun that always seems to pop up at PJ parties!
Learn more at: http://www.jacon.org/events/yaoipj.html
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