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JACON - Japanese Animation CONvention
Florida's Most Successful Anime Convention!
The Macross Social 
19th-Mar-2009 07:34 am

Time: Thursday, 8 PM- Midnight
Location: Paradise IV (Small Events)

A special Thursday night event!

Join us as we celebrate the wonderful anime legacy of Macross! Known to many U.S. fans as Robotech in the early years, Macross has continued to grow in popularity across the globe! The latest installment of the saga, Macross Frontier, has a huge following. We’ve decided that now, in our final year, it would be appropriate to honor one of the greatest anime series of all time!

The evening will be divided into several parts:

  • In our first hour, we’ll play some AMVs and clips of the various Macross series while everyone chats and mingles. We’ll also have some food and drinks available for the attendees.
  • At 9 PM, we’ll begin a special costume event- the Miss Macross Contest! If you’re interested in participating, please see the instructions below. Pilots, there’s a mission for you during this event, as well.
  • As soon as the Miss Macross Contest ends, we’ll bring out dessert and start some games and trivia challenges! We’ll have prizes for those who can really prove that their Macross knowledge is superior!
  • Finally, we’ll end the evening with a special screening of the newest Macross…Frontier!
Read more: http://jacon.org/events/macross.html
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