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JACON - Japanese Animation CONvention
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All-Original Costume Contest 
28th-Apr-2009 12:00 pm

All-Original Costume Contest

Time: Sunday, 2PM
Location: Main Events (Paradise Ballroom)

Registration and Line-Up For Contestants
Time: Sunday, 3PM
Location: Main Events (Paradise Ballroom)

Here’s something new for our cosplayers in our final year! This contest is built completely around the creative minds of those who dare to design their own fashion creations! For years now, we often received the question, “Can we enter original costumes in the cosplay?” With such apparent interest, we decided to give a nod to these creative individuals!

All-Original Costume Contest Rules

  1. All entries must be registered JACON X (2009) attendees. Badges/wristbands must be worn to the registration and contest.
  2. The costume that is entered must be designed by you…not a work of another person, or an already existing outfit/costume. While the design must be “original”, it can be inspired by something already existing. Just alter it enough to be able to claim some form of originality.
  3. You may wear the costume yourself, or have a model wear it. If you do use a model, however, please remind him/her that all awards go to the designer of the costumes, and that wearing the costume does not mean they’ll earn an award.
  4. Since this contest is in the spirit of fun, and is more about the creative process and not the skills involved in costume making, we will allow costumes constructed with help from others (commissions or otherwise). However, you will get bonus points if you both design AND construct the costume yourself. Entrants must list all parties involved in the making of the costume entered.
  5. You may enter a group, but make sure each costume in the group has a separate entry form. We’ll attach them together so you can all go back to back, and stand on stage together.
  6. Each entrant will have 1 minute on stage to show off her/his costume. You can do a small skit, speech, whatever. If you want to use music, it must be pre-mixed and cued on a burned CD. If you don’t want to do anything specific, that’s fine, too. Just make sure you pose nicely for 30 seconds or so at the cue point for the audience to see your costume and so everyone can get some nice photos.
  7. You may use existing anime characters as the models for your original outfit. So, you can design a completely new outfit FOR Chii, and dress up as Chii wearing this outfit for the contest...but you can't make one of her already existing artbook outfits to enter. Got it?
  8. Keep it PG-13, please. No nudity, risqué costume or lewd gestures will be allowed. This is a family show
  9. Entries must follow JACON’s official weapons policy. In addition, all props must be safe for yourself and those around you. That means no sharp edges, harmful materials, or anything of the like. Also, you must be able to maneuver your prop and/or costume through a crowd without disturbing those around you. Exceptions can be made for on stage ONLY, and must be approved by the Event Director beforehand. Any questions concerning the Weapons Policy can be directed at specialevents@jacon.org It’s better to ask ahead and make sure than arrive at the con and have to leave your gorgeous prop in the car all weekend.
  10. No harmful or potentially harmful substances will be allowed. This can include, but is not limited, to: water, silly string, flames, fireworks, cigarettes, and any other substance that can be fired, launched, or dripped. Everything that comes on stage with you should leave with you, capche?
  11. Bad behavior, trash talking and poor sportsmanship will be frowned upon. Unruly behavior will get you kicked out of the event, if not the convention. So mind your manners and don’t be rude.
  12. Make sure you having the following with you when you show up for contest registration.
    • The official All-Original Costume Contest Registration Form
    • Your JACON X badge. This will be checked and confirmed.
    • Design sketches/drawings of your concept
    • In-progress photos of you making your costume are optional, but would be a good idea. 
    • Yourself (or your model) in the costume you’re entering.  
  1. Rules may be added or changed as needed by the Event Director. Please check back often for updates.
READ MORE HERE: http://jacon.org/events/originalcostume.html
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